Best Baby Monitor Reviews for 2016 : The Ultimate Guide

As a parent of a newborn, it is often quite difficult to get some rest while your child sleeps without being worried or anxious about how they are doing in the next room. This is why parents often invest in a capable baby monitor. They offer the ability to keep tabs on children while in another area of the house as well as having a little peace of mind when trying to get some sleep. For those who struggle trying to keep up with the multi-tasking that is often required of being a new parent, finding a versatile baby monitor can be a blessing.

How do you find the best baby monitor for your home? We have done the research for you and have come up with a list of the top 10 best baby monitors on the market today. The main factor we use for the products on our list is customer satisfaction and ratings. What better source to see how a product performs than getting feedback from parents how have bought and used the monitors in their own homes with their own children on a regular basis. Below are the top performing and best selling models which parents recommend the most and are worthy of being on our Best baby monitors list .

Best Baby Monitors List With Reviews :

Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor

Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor

Infant Optics DXR-8 is the first baby monitor to feature interchangeable lenses, thus allowing parents to customize the viewing angle and zoom level when watching their kids. Owners love how this unit performs even during night conditions, thanks to a dedicated “low-light” mode which can be triggered from the menu. The different interchangeable lenses allow users to benefit from either normal view, panoramic view (170-degree wide) or zoom view (everything appears closer).

Objects viewed on the monitor are displayed on a clear 3.5″ LCD on the receiver, in full color. If the signal received is not clear enough (due to weather conditions, household objects interfering with transmission, etc.), then users can extend the retractable antenna. Asides from the optical zoom given by the special lens, parents can also benefit from digital zoom as well as remote pan and tilt.
Product Features

– Night Vision
Night Vision represents a low-light mode which helps parents monitor children even after midnight, when there is no light on. It makes use of an infrared lens embedded in the unit which scans all objects in the room and returns an image highlighted in green (e.g. everything is green, yet forms are easily distinguished and the child can still be monitored).

– Sound-activated LED
Sound-activated LED automatically turns on the display on the remote and warns the parents when the noise level in the child’s room exceeds a certain level. This way they can take action and see what is wrong in the child’s room.

– Temperature Indicator
Temperature indicator represents a sensor mounted on the camera which monitors the room’s conditions at all times. As a result, parents can always know the temperature inside the child’s room and can take action accordingly. For example, if the temperature is too high, parents can open the windows in the room or turn on the fan. On the other hand, if temperature is too low, they can adjust the air or heat in the room accordingly.

– Strong 2.4 GHz Signal with Data Encryption
The unit benefits from 2.4 GHz signal which means that parents can monitor their children from up to 700-inch distance in unobstructed conditions. This means that a big house is easily covered on its whole. Furthermore, 128-bit data encryption guarantees that only those having the receiver can see what happens in the children’ room.

– Talk-back Feature & Battery
This unit comes with the ability for parents to talk to their baby through the remote. This enables users to try and calm their kids from a distance saving them a lot of legwork of constantly running back and forth between rooms. At the same time, battery life has also been improved, guaranteeing an average functionality of 6 to 10 hours.
What Owners Like About The Product

Most parents who bought this product are satisfied with its quality and continue to give it very high ratings. Owners appreciated the following characteristics of the product most:

– Intuitive and User-Friendly Menu
The fact that the remote only has 4 buttons that are clearly layed out is appreciated by customers. It is easy to use and it does not require a huge learning curve.

– Clear Picture Quality and Adequate Range
Owners are more than satisfied with the clear picture quality of the Infant Optics DRX-8. As noted by most reviewers, unit works great from any corner of the room into another. Unless there are multiple thick walls between the camera and the remote, reception and range is good.

– Improved Battery Life
The higher-capacity battery included in the DRX-8 model is appreciated by customers. On average, it lasts for up to 10 hours in power saving mode and up to 6 hours when the display is constantly on.

– Ability to Change Lenses for a Customized View
The lens interchangeability is also a feature that users like. This offers better flexibility and delivers better close-ups through the zoom lens as well as a standard, overall view through the normal lens. Those who purchased the wide-angle lens also praised the fact that it covers the entire room.
What Could Be Better

Asides from the positive aspects of the unit, there are also few downsides mentioned by the customers. Here are the aspects which could be improved on the DRX-8 model:

– A Wide-Angle Lens Could Have Been Included in the Package
A wide-angle lens is not available in the package by default, parents being required to purchase it separately. The package comes complete with a normal lens and a zoom lens, which can be interchanged at any time.

– The Addition of a Docking System
A docking system is not included by default, users having to charge the baby monitor via USB cable. Two such cables are included in the package.

– More Sensitive Sound Receptor
Albeit the sound sensor is sensitive enough to show parents when their child is crying, it is not sensitive enough to notice the lower-volume screams or ambient noises.

For those who are in the market for a new video baby monitor but were hoping for something a little more budget-friendly, the Foscam FBM3501 and the Levana Jena Digital Video Baby Monitor are more affordable options.
Bottom Line

Overall, the Infant Optics DRX-8 represents an improvement over past-generation models and a baby monitor which any parent can take advantage of. Customers appreciate the high-quality picture output as well as the long monitoring range. Lens interchangeability is another plus, albeit a wide-angle lens is not included in the package by default. The average rating of the product is of 4.4 out of 5 stars.

Dropcam Pro Wi-Fi Wireless Video Monitoring Camera

Dropcam Pro Wi-Fi Wireless Video Monitoring Camera

The Dropcam Pro Wi-Fi represents one of the most advanced wireless monitoring cameras on the market, featuring an upgraded image sensor, 130-degree field of view thanks to a higher quality lens and 8x digital zoom. This camera is capable of capturing 720p HD video and transmitting it in a smooth manner via either Bluetooth or WiFi. It also comes with a FishEye lens which helps owners look over an entire room at a time, thus eliminating the need for remote pan&tilt functionality. Streamed video can be watched on computers, laptops, iPhone and iPad devices.

This device also gives owners the possibility to extend camera’s functionality via a cloud storage feature. With the aid of “View it Later”, users can store up to 30 days of video on a remote (and secured) account and access it whenever desired. This option also enables easier sharing with friends and family members. Intelligent alerts, two-way communication and automatic updates make this device a “must” for anyone who seeks quality.
Product Features

– Mobile and Web apps for Live Streaming
Owners can rejoice from a wide variety of streaming options straight from the computer interface or via the dedicated iPhone/iPad app. Once an account is created, it can be used universally across all devices and with no restrictions. The entire process takes only few minutes.

– Two-way Communication
Users can do more than just see through the Dropcam Pro Wi-Fi. They can also hear everything that happens in the remote room as well as speak to others (such as babies, pets, other persons, etc.) through the microphone plugged or integrated in their computers or iOS devices. Everything is made to be intuitive and easy-to-use.

– Intelligent Alerts
This unit delivers intelligent alerts each time the device detects motion or strong sound levels. This feature makes it ideal for those who want to know when the little wakes up or is moving around.

– Night Vision
When the light level drops, this camera can automatically compensate through a dedicated Infrared mode. In this mode owners can distinguish objects on up to a 15-feet distance, even when there are no external light sources.

– Live Secure Streaming and Automatic Updates
Once properly setup, the camera will continue to transmit live and owners will be able to view this transmission by simply accessing their account. Bank-level encryption guarantees proper privacy, while automatic updates ensure that owners always have the latest software version.
What Owners Like About The Product

Those who bought this camera appreciate the following characteristics:

– Crystal-Clear Video Quality
Most of those who reviewed this product seem to be very satisfied with video quality, which is very clear. The camera is able to stream 720p HD video at 30 FPS, which guarantees no lag and highly detailed video stream as long as a fast Internet connection is used (50 MBps and above).

– Well Built
Owners appreciate the fact that manufacturers have used quality materials when constructing this unit. The sleek aluminum used for this camera is by no means a cheap one, thus giving it a special look and feel. The high-quality lens complements this design perfectly.

– Simple and Fast Setup
Owners report that they could get their units working in minutes after finishing the unpacking process. All that it takes is to connect the unit to a power outlet, link it to a Wi-Fi network and create a user account. Then the live stream can be initiated with no problems.

– Audio Communication
Those who buy this camera can hear everything that happens in the remote room as well as speak through their microphone. This feature is very appreciated by users.

– Optional Cloud Video Recording
Those who want something extra can opt for a cloud video subscription. This way they can record up to 30 days of video footage remotely and access it anytime they want. This feature costs between $99 and $299 per year.
What Could Be Better

– Talk Back Feature in Night Mode
The talk back feature doesn’t work when the camera is set in night mode, as reported by most customers. This can be easily fixed with a software update or in future versions of the device.

– Zoom
The camera comes with 8x digital zoom, but some customers noted that the image appears blurry to them. Dropbox customer support team noted that they fixed this issue in their latest software application.

– Physical Storage
The only way to save recorded video from a Dropcam Pro Wi-Fi camera is by purchasing the optional Cloud video recording package. There is no way to record the video on iOS or Computer.

If you were looking for something a little more simple in a video monitor, then perhaps the Infant Optics DXR-8 or the Foscam Video Baby Monitor would be better alternatives.

For those that don’t anticipate using the video capabilities, then perhaps a quality audio monitor would be a better fit. The Philips Avent DECT or the Vtech Safe & Sound Audio monitors would be a great option.
Bottom Line

In spite of its minor drawbacks, the Dropcam Pro Wi-Fi monitoring camera remains a solid product that is a flexible security device. Few other monitoring cameras offer the same quality as this one, with most products lacking either the resolution, HD video recording capabilities, two-way communication or Cloud storage. As a baby monitor, this unit has received some very nice ratings from parents and is a best seller in security devices.

Foscam FBM3501 Digital Video Baby Monitor

Foscam FBM3501 Digital Video Baby Monitor

The Foscam FBM3501 Digital Video Baby Monitor is a high-quality monitor designed specifically for parents who want to look over their children without being physically present in the same room. There are two units included in the package: a camera (transmitter) which comes complete with pan&tilt functionality and a receiver (remote) which resembles the body of a compact camera and features a 3.5″ high-resolution screen. When used together, these 2 devices are great for baby surveillance on a range of up to 985-feet, which is more than enough for covering an average or large house.

This Foscam baby monitor is extremely easy to set-up. All it takes is to plug in the camera, pair it with the receiver and then start watching live video. One doesn’t even have to read the manual in order to understand how this unit works. In addition, most features are automated (such as night mode), thus requiring no interaction with the user. Dedicated zoom is available from the remote and parents can even benefit from two-way audio communication.
Product Features

– 3.5″ LCD Display with Kickstand and Belt Clip
The receiver features a 3.5″ LCD display which enables parents to see a clear picture of their baby and notice even the finest details. For extra convenience manufacturers have also included a belt clip which moms can use to carry the device around as well as a kickstand which can be used for placing the unit on any flat surface.

– Two-Way Audio
Asides from being able to see their babies, parents can also hear everything they say thanks to the monitor which is embedded on the camera. But that’s not all, thanks to new technology parents can now communicate to their children too as they would do over a phone placed on loudspeaker. When the dedicated button is pressed, parents or caretakers only have to speak into the receiver and their message will be immediately transmitted.

– Invisible Infrared (Night Vision) Mode
When the lighting condition inside the room drop, the camera automatically switches to infrared mode which enables parents to see everything clearly in B&W. Picture quality does not suffer, but parents won’t be able to see details in color view. However, the baby won’t be disturbed in any manner since this mode doesn’t make use of glowing or static lights.

– Remote Control with Pan, Tilt and Zoom Capabilities
Is the baby picture not clear enough, too close or too far? This is not a problem anymore thanks to the remote control features available on the receiver. Parents can choose to pan and tilt the device until they are satisfied with the viewing angle, but also to benefit from zooming capabilities by the simple press of a button.

– Long Action Range and Rechargeable Batteries
The product can work effectively on a range of up to 985-feet (300 meters), which should be enough to reach the highest demands. There is also an “out of signal” notification which kicks in automatically when needed. Additionally, parents can benefit from wireless functionality for up to 12 hours when the product is placed in VOX mode (monitor activated by sound).
What Owners Like About The Product

– Easy To Setup
Most of those who reviewed the product appreciate how easy it is to install it, the entire procedure taking only a couple of minutes and requiring no technical knowledge.

– Good Video Quality
Many parents noted that the video quality is very good, even when the night mode kicks in. This is in large part thanks to the high-resolution lens included in the camera as well as the large 3.5″ LCD found on the receiver.

– Zoom Feature
Another functionality praised by consumers is the “zoom” one, which enables parents to see a close-up feed of the baby even when the camera is placed several feet away from him/her. Remote pan&tilt is also available which takes camera responsiveness to a new level.

– No Interference
Most of those who bought and tested this product mentioned no interference with other home systems, including extensive Wi-Fi networks. The Foscam FBM3501 Digital Video Baby Monitor works on a 2.4GHz frequency which is unaffected by radio programs or microwave units.
What Could Be Better

– Better Sound Volume
Few customers note that they could not hear the baby well on louder volume settings. This drawback is not generally reported and it could be due to some defective units.

– A Scan Feature for Multiple Monitors
Those who buy this system and plan to use it with more than one camera (it can be expanded up to 4), should note that there is no scan feature associated with it. Parents and caretakers have to switch manually between the transmitters (cameras) which are currently used through a button press.

While this is a very capable unit, there are a few video baby monitors that owners have rated slightly higher. The Infant Optics DXR-8 and the DropCam Pro are just a couple of different options that are worth considering as well.
Bottom Line

All in all, the Foscam FBM3501 Digital Video Baby Monitor represents a very good investment for parents who want to look over their children from a distance. It comes with two-way audio communication, high-quality video feed and a dedicated zoom feature for those who want to benefit from better close-ups. Owners average rating for this model is in the low 4′s out of 5 stars.

Angelcare Baby Sound Monitor

Angelcare Baby Sound Monitor

The Angelcare Baby Sound Monitor represents an affordable option designed for parents who want to know that their kids are safe without having to break the bank. The default package includes 1 parent unit (remote), 1 nursery unit (transmitter), 2 adapters and a charging socket. In order to preserve retail costs, the unit comes with an entirely plastic body and functions with 4 AAA batteries (rechargeable batteries are included).

The Angelcare sound monitor has a practical range of up to 820-feet (in unrestricted conditions) and comes with an impressive array of features, especially for a unit retailed at this price point. Parents can opt for either voice-activated transmission (in order to preserve battery power) or standard (continuous) transmission. It comes with 8 audio channels that work together for less interference and clearer sounds. It also comes with a standard 12-month warranty.
Product Features

– Transmission Range of up to 820-Feet
This monitor is effective in transmitting all sounds on a range of up to 820-feet, regardless of whether the unit is set on voice-activated or continuous transmission. Parents and caretakers can also benefit from “out of range” notifications whenever the signal drops enough to affect the quality of transmission.

– 8-Channel Audio for a Clearer Sound
This unit works on a 927Mhz frequency and has 8 channels to choose from. This allows parents to find the perfect channel that offers the most clarity and least amount of possible interference from other nearby devices that may be on a similar frequency.

– Battery Option Featuring Backup
The nursery unit (transmitter) gains its power either through the AC adapter or through 4 AAA batteries. The receiver gains energy through either the AC adapter or 4 NiMH batteries (included). In case a power failure occurs, both units will switch to battery use for uninterrupted functionality.

– Night mode, Temperature Display, Carrying Belt
The Angelcare sound monitor comes complete with a carrying belt which enables parents to take the unit along wherever they go. The receiver (remote) has the ability to display temperature in baby’s room as well as to enable night lights (pleasant glowing lights which enable the children to relax).
What Owners Like About The Product

Most of those who bought the product are pleasantly impressed with its features and functionality. The aspects they appreciate most are as follows:

– Good Noise Sensitivity
According to customers’ feedback, the transmitter unit is very sensitive to noise and sounds made by babies. Every giggle, whisper or cry can be clearly heard on the receiver, thus enabling parents to take action accordingly. If the volume is turned loud, parents can hear even when the baby is breathing.

– No Interferences or Static Interruptions
Thanks to the 8-channel sound available on Angelcare sound monitor, parents and caretakers will benefit from no interferences with other devices. Radio programs or microwave unit’ frequencies are not picked up by the receiver. There may be a slight buzz during the time receiver searches for transmission, but transmission clarity is crystal clear.

 Multiple Channels
Angelcare baby audio monitor comes with 8 different channels which can be switched from the transmitter when sound quality drops. They can also be switched automatically from the remote.

– Excellent Range
According to several reviewers, the range of this device is very good. It can reach over 100-feet if there are obstructions between the receiver and transmitter (e.g. several brick walls) and up to 800-feet in unobstructed environments.
What Could Be Better

Although the Angelcare sound monitor has received pretty good marks from owners, some of them also make few suggestions regarding possible feature additions. The most important of them are:

– An Extra Receiver
By default, the unit comes with one receiver. As a result, parents need to stay together if they want to both hear the baby/babies; otherwise only one parent will be able to listen to the transmission. Extra receivers can be purchased for an additional fee.

– The Inclusion of a Talk-Back Function
The Angelcare unit doesn’t feature “talk-back”, which means that parents are unable to transmit a message to their children from a distance. This is perhaps one of the trade-offs to having a lower starting price point.

For those looking for a slightly more advanced audio monitor with higher ratings from owners, the Philips Avent DECT monitor may be more to your liking.

For parents looking to add more than just sound capabilities may be interested in some of the video baby monitors on our list. The Infant Optics DXR-8 or the Infant Optics DXR-5 may be fit the bill.
Bottom Line

All in all, the Angelcare baby audio monitor is ideal for those who want to look after their children from a distance and ensure they are happy and healthy. Despite its lower cost, it does not come with the advanced features of other sound monitors. Parents have given it good ratings and it averages scores in the low to mid 4′s out of 5 stars.

Summer Infant Clear Sight Digital Color Video Monitor

Summer Infant Clear Sight Digital Color Video Monitor

The Summer Infant Clear Sight Video Monitor is a great alternative to some of the higher priced models that owners find both useful and highly effective. It comes complete with a sturdy plastic construction and a wide set of features. This monitor is able to cover a large area of around 600 feet which means that parents will be able to get a clear signal even when attempting a video transmission from one corner of the room to the opposite one. The remote comes with a 2.0-inch full color screen which is able to display battery level and sound level.

Signal level is also displayed on the monitor which means that users will know when they get too far from baby’s room. Up to 3 additional cameras can be added to the system in order to create a larger surveillance network. For those looking for a baby monitor while also saving a little money, the Clear Sight is a great option.
Product Features

– Two-way Communication
Parents can stay in touch with their babies via the dedicated two-way communication channel. Caretakers can hear at all times the baby’s noise and giggles, but thanks to an additional microphone embedded right on the remote they can also communicate with them when needed. Research has shown that babies become a lot more tranquil when they hear parents’ voice, so this feature should be used if the child can’t seem to get rest when left alone.

– Digital Zoom
Thanks to digital zoom parents can get a closer look at their babies regardless of whether the camera is placed. This feature is very useful for those times when parents want to take a closer view. Users can make use of this functionality by pressing the up and down arrows found on the receiver’s left-side panel.

– Night Vision
It can be extremely hard to distinguish what happens in baby’s room when the lights go off. However, the Summer Infant Clear Sight Video Monitor features a specific IR (infrared) mode built specifically for this purpose. As the lights go off, the infrared system automatically adjusts itself to allow parents to get a clear view of their baby.

– 2.0-inch Full-Color Screen with Notifications
The hand held device features a clear 2.0-inch screen which makes it very easy for parents to watch over their babies. Various notifications are displayed on this unit such as battery level, signal level or current noise level. However, neither of them affect camera’s transmission, since the Summer Infant Color Baby Video Monitor has been designed in such manner as to provide easy surveillance at all times.
What Owners Like About The Product

Those who bought this baby monitor are particularly enchanted by the following characteristics:

– Clear Sound Transmission
Most of those who bought the product indicate that the sound transmission works great on both ways. Parents say that they could clearly hear all babies’ giggles, laughs and cries, but they could also talk to them easily by just pressing the “Microphone” button.

– Good Battery Life
Some reviewers indicate that the battery life is very good, lasting for several hours even when the camera is unplugged. Two AC adapters are included in the box, one for charging the camera (transmitter) and one for charging the receiver (remote).

– Ability to Add More Cameras
This unit is also ideal for parents who have more than one baby (or plan so) due to the fact that more cameras can be added to the system. The link is done very easily when manual instructions are followed, without the need to purchase whole system all over again.

– Night Mode
As the light in baby’s room drops, the camera automatically switches to night mode in order to give parents a better look over their babies. The picture is not full-color as in daylight mode, but saturation and luminosity can be adjusted slightly from the receiver.
What Could Be Better

In spite of the fact that most parents who bought the product would recommend it to others, there are also few casually-mentioned complaints which should be addressed by Summer Infant in future versions of the product. Here’s what could be better about this product:

– Bigger Screen Size
The screen size of this unit is a standard 2.0-inch, which is slightly lower than what other units in the same range have to offer. Nevertheless, most customers appreciate the image quality and resolution.

– Wider Camera Angle
Albeit most customers report that the camera quality is good, some wish for a wider lens in future releases. This would allow parents to see what happens in the room besides watching the baby.

– Less “white noise”
White noise is also known as background noise and it represents that sounds which is heard in the receiver when baby’s room is in full silence. Few customers report that this noise can be disturbing at times and they had to place the unit at a further length from them as to not intervene with their sleep.
Related Monitors

Other video monitors on our list that are in the same general price range include the Levana Lila and the Infant Optics DXR5 . Some higher-end models with slightly better ratings include the Infant Optics DXR8.
Bottom Line

In spite of its minor drawbacks, the Summer Infant Clear Sight Video Monitor still remains a good choice for parents who want to know their children safe and sound while in a separate room Certain features such as two-way communication, integrated battery and digital zoom recommend it for those passionate about technology. On average, the product was rated by owners with low to mid 4′s out of 5 stars.

Infant Optics DXR-5 Video Monitor

Infant Optics DXR-5 Video Monitor

The Infant Optics DXR5 is a small and compact baby video monitor which has been one of the better selling and more affordable models available. Thanks to a 2.4 GHz transmission signal, the unit can reach up to 800-feet range while not interfering with other devices (wireless networks, microwave units, other baby monitors, etc.). The unit makes use of an “automatic frequency system”, which encrypts the channel used by the transmitter so that only parents having the receiver (remote) can see what’s happening in baby’s room.

The unit also comes with automatic infrared night vision, which enables parents to see the entire activity of their babies without having to resort to artificial illumination devices. Infant Optics has also included a smart power-saving mode, which automatically shuts down the receiver if no baby noise is detected for 3 minutes in a row. Furthermore, the unit will also turn back on if any high noises are detected (e.g. baby crying, screaming, etc.). The device is manufactured in U.S. and comes with a standard 1-year warranty.
Product Features

– High-quality video feed
The camera is able to transmit video images at 30 fps, which is the number at which human eye perceives motion as being smooth and with no lag. The unit can automatically go to sleep when detected sound is below 60 dB for 3 minutes straight, and then it can turn back on when higher-level sound is detected. Transmission is smooth from beginning to the end.

– “White Noise Eliminator”
The Infant Optics DXR5 comes with a feature which can automatically turn off the audio feature on receiver is sound level goes below a predefined minimum for 10 seconds. For instance, if the user chooses 30 dB as the minimum noise, unit will automatically shut off if no such noise level is detected for 10 seconds. If higher noise is detected by the transmitter, then the receiver will be automatically turned on.

– Quick setup feature
The DXR5 unit will be up and running in maximum few minutes after it’s unpacked. Manufacturer has created a quick 3-step setup guide which is available right on the unit and which guarantees instant functionality once it’s completed. What’s more, the camera has not been loaded with additional unnecessary features, most of its functionality being automated.

– Designed for easy portability
Infant Optics DXR5 features a compact and minimalist design, which enables parents to place the receiver and transmitter devices wherever they want (on a range of up to 800-feet). Both devices feature a kickstand which enables them to be easily placed on any flat surface, transmission being instant once the unit is turned on. Mothers can also choose to transport the receiver around with the aid of a carrying belt (not included).
What Owners Like About The Product

– Clear video transmission during both day and night
Owners appreciate the fact that this model provides clear and smooth video at all times as long as it’s turned on. It can automatically switch to night mode when lighting conditions drop; thus enabling parents to have a clear view at up to 15-feet distance. The camera comes complete with auto-focusing technology.

– Clear sound transmission
Parents could hear loud and clear all that was happening in baby’s room, according to their feedback. The high-quality microphone integrated into the transmitter can amplify sounds for better hearing. Additionally, background noise is eliminated thanks to the proprietary technology of Infant Optics.

– No interference with other devices
The receiver does not pick up transmission of other devices, such as radio or microwave frequencies. There is no disturbing either in terms of audio or video quality. The emitting channel is also private; so only parents having the correct receiver will know what is happening in baby’s room.

– Auto sleep mode
Another feature appreciated by the owners is “auto sleep mode”, which implies that the device automatically goes in standby if no high-level noise is detected for 3 minutes straight. It will also resume functionality by itself in case such noise is detected further on.
What Could Be Better?

– Bigger battery size
Owners report that the battery lifetime is of minimum 3 hours per charge, yet most of them would appreciate a higher-sized battery to enable them to get more functionality per charge. According to Infant Optics Customer Support, this issue was fixed for units sold after January 15, 2014. These units benefit from 35% battery life improvement, reaching up to 12 hours when VOX is turned on.

– Better unit build
The unit is currently built from plastic, which is an attempt of the company to save retail costs. Some customers expect better build quality in future versions of the device.

– No 2.4 GHz interfering
Since the unit runs on a 2.4 GHz transmission protocol, some other devices (cordless phones, microwaves) that work in a similar frequency range may interfere with the signal.
Alternative Monitors

For those looking for a video baby monitor with more features and higher customer ratings then the DXR8 from Infant Optics or the DropCam Pro Monitor may be worthy candidates.
Bottom Line

For those looking for a basic video baby monitor with decent overall performance then the DXR5 is a good option. While it is not one of the highest customer rated models on our list, it is one of the better selling models. It scores around 4 out of 5 stars from owners.

Levana Jena Digital Baby Video Monitor

Levana Jena Digital Baby Video Monitor

The Levana Jena is one of the more affordable video baby monitors on our list that comes with a wide array of features that owners really like. It comes complete with a camera transmitter and a receiver, enabling users to get over 8 hours of wireless communication before the battery needs to be recharged. Asides from video monitoring, the product gives parents to talk to their children via a dedicated button. Temperature monitoring is also available, enabling caretakers to know the temperature in baby’s room and take action accordingly.

This unit also features a 500-feet signal range, which is encrypted for complete privacy. As a result, only parents will be able to see what goes on in the child’s room. It also comes with an effective PEEP mode, which can be used to extend battery life to 10+ hours. It does that by turning off the monitor screen when no sound from the nursery is received.
Product Features

– Rechargeable Battery
The device includes a rechargeable Li-Ion battery which gives parents 8 hours of battery lifetime in non-stop mode and over 12 hours when the unit is set in PEEP mode (monitor activated by sound). Once this period is over, the unit can be easily charged via the included AC adapter.

– Secure Wireless Signal with Long Range
The baby video monitor can provide steady signal on an action range of up to 500 feet. This is enough to cover a normal house from one corner to another. Signal is encrypted via 128-bit technology, which means that only parents having the correct receiver will be able to see what happens in baby’s room.

– Night Mode with Automatic Vision and Night Light
This digital baby monitor comes complete with a night mode lens which is embedded right on the camera. As a result, parents are able to distinguish what happens in the room even when there is no external light, on a range of up to 15 feet. For extra visibility users can also choose to turn on the night light feature, a smart light which is designed to provide extra range while not disturbing the child.

– Active Temperature Monitoring
When the unit is turned on, parents can see at all times which the temperature in baby’s room is, in either Fahrenheit or Celsius degrees. Studies have shown that the ideal temperature in a baby’s room is between 20 and 21 degrees Celsius (68-71 F), so caretakers should aim to maintain a value close to this.

– 5 Remote Controlled Lullabies
If the baby fails to fall asleep or wakes up randomly during night, parents can choose between 5 different lullabies embedded to try and soothe them to sleep. These can be easily turned on and changed using the remote.
What Owners Like About The Product

– Battery Life
Most users appreciate the good battery life of the unit, which on average lasts between 8 and 10 hours when kept constantly on. The fact that an AC adapter is included in the package is also a plus.

– Good Sensitivity
Owners appreciate the fact that this baby video monitor has good sensitivity even when used at the lowest setting. The monitor will instantly turn on and signal parents in case the baby starts making louder sounds.

– Power Saving (PEEP) Mode
Most people who bought this product like the power save mode and the fact that they don’t have to keep their eyes on the monitor at all times. This also helps with battery consumption, increasing the time needed between a charges.

– Value & Ease of Use
Most owners appreciate that the product works well and provides plenty of features for a relatively low price. Owners also find that it is relatively easy to learn without having to read through the instructions manual, although that is always recommended.
What Could Be Better

Although most users are satisfied with the quality of this product, they also found few aspects of this unit that they did not like. Some owner complaints include:

– Lower Intensity Lights
Albeit the night light is useful for getting a better view over the baby’s room, some parents wish that it would be of lower intensity and not so bright. Additionally, some who bought the product claim that it would be better if the receiver (remote) would also have a lower brightness.

– Better Picture Quality
Some buyers suggest that picture quality is not on par with higher-end cameras. The lens included in the camera is only of average quality, hence not allowing users to see extra details.
Alternative Monitors

For those that are willing to spend a little more for a video baby monitor to get a higher grade picture might find the Infant Optics DXR-8 or the DropCam Pro as better suited options.
Bottom Line

All in all, the Levana Jena Digital’ Baby Video Monitor represents a great acquisition for those who are on a budget yet seek a quality baby video monitor. This unit provides plenty of useful features, including a temperature sensor, night mode and the “talk to baby” functionality.

VTech Safe & Sound Digital Audio Monitor

VTech Safe & Sound Digital Audio Monitor

The VTech Safe & Sound Digital Audio Monitor is lowest priced model on our list that is a great option for parents looking for a simple but capable device to keep tabs on their little one. Both the receiver and transmitter are designed to resemble padlocks, which is an attempt of the Vtech company to suggest that transmission is clear and secured at all times. This monitor features DECT 6.0 technology for eliminating all annoying background noises. It also comes with included rechargeable batteries which guarantee up to 18 hours of wireless communication between parents and their babies.

This digital audio monitor is useful in a variety of situations but it is designed specifically for those times when parents are away from babies room yet they still want to be able to hear and speak to them. The product can operate on a range of up to 1000-feet, which means that parents can communicate with their children even when they are outside the house. There is also a backlit display available which is easy to read and makes the menu commands easier to use.
Product Features

– Two-way communication
Parents who choose to buy this audio monitor will be able not only to hear all the sounds made by their babies, but will also be able to communicate with them by simply talking into the receiver. The transmitter also features a glowing night light, which can be activated by parents remotely and has the objective of calming the baby when he/she cannot fall sleep.

– LED lights and vibrations
Parents can always keep track of the noise level in baby’s room by simply watching the Led light indicator on the receiver. There are 5 Led buttons and when they are all lit it means that the baby is making loud noises. As a result, parents have to take action. On the other hand, if no button is lit it means that baby’s room is in full silent. When set to vibration mode, the unit can alert parents every time noise level in the other room exceeds a certain level.

– DECT 6.0 for clear and reliable transmission
With DECT 6.0 on-board, the transmission between parents and their babies will always be clear, private and reliable on a range of up to 1000-feet. This technology eliminates the disturbing “white noise” and enables parents to focus on the sounds made by their babies. Additionally, it comes complete with a 256-bit encryption signal which makes the communication private and incapable of being picked up inadvertently on other devices.

– Long Lasting Battery
The rechargeable battery included in the box guarantees an average life span of 8 to 18 hours per charge. This should be enough for a full day of communication.
What Owners Like About The Vtech Safe & Sound

– Signal
As reported by customers, this Vtech unit has very good signal and works even when used from one corner of a room to another or from outside to baby’s room. There is virtually no interference with other devices due to DECT technology and privacy is also assured.

– Quality construction
Most customers appreciate the fact this unit is sturdy and built to last. As such, it represents good value for the money.

– LED indicator lights and vibration
Most of those who reviewed the unit appreciate the led lights which indicate noise level in baby’s room as well as the vibration features which triggered when the noise is too high.

– No “white noise”
Background noise can be disturbing on many audio monitors, but this is not the case here. DECT technology ensures that everything works smoothly from beginning to the end.
What Could Be Better

– Louder volume
Some owners would appreciate a louder volume setting for the times when they find themselves further away from the receiver.

– Temperature indicator
This monitor doesn’t come with a temperature indicator on the receiver as with more expensive units. Such feature is desired by some customers.

Alternative Monitors

For those wanting an audio monitor with a little better performance or some added features the Philips Avent is a great alternative. It’s the highest rated audio monitor to make our list.

For parents interested in what video monitors have to offer, the Infant Optics DXR8 or the Summer Infant Clear video monitors are worthy options.
Bottom Line

All in all, the VTech Safe & Sound Digital Audio Monitor is a decent device for those who want something simple and affordable. While not the highest rated model on our list, overall it does receive favorable scores from owners with an average of 4 out of 5 stars.

Levana Lila Digital Baby Video Monitor

Levana Lila Digital Baby Video Monitor

The Levana Lila Digital Baby Video Monitor is one of the mid-range models on our list that has a lot of the features seen in higher priced models. The unit comes complete with talk-to-baby (two way) communication, an easy-to-install wall mount and invisible LEDs which do not disturb the baby at night. Furthermore, thanks to the intercom wireless transmission, parents get to benefit from clear and secure signal on a range of up to 500-feet. The Li-Io battery integrated into the remote allows for up to 6 hours of continuous video monitoring and an average of 36 hours in PEEP (power saving) mode.
The unit is manufactured from plastic but has a sturdy feel to it, while the buttons are easy to press. This unit is also very easy to install and use. The receiver (remote) benefits from a kickstand which makes it easy to place on just about any flat surface. The camera also comes with a stand that makes it ideal for small and flat surfaces such as tables, shelves, etc. Additionally, parents can take advantage of the included wall-mount and place the camera on any of the 4 walls of the baby’s room. The wall mount is adjustable just as the camera.

Product Features
– High Capacity Battery Included
The Lila features a high-capacity Lithium Ion battery which lasts for up to 6 hours of continuous use (on the remote). When the unit is set in PEEP mode (monitor activated by high noise levels), one can get up to 72 hours of use, thus guaranteeing several days without the need for recharge.
– Night Vision with Invisible LED Lights
A high-quality infrared system has been installed on this camera’s lens, which enables parents to clearly distinguish what happens in baby’s room on a range of up to 12-feet in darkness. This is also possible without any red glowing lights, which are featured in traditional IR cameras. Thus, the baby can sleep undisturbed at night while parents can continue to monitor.
– Two-Way Communication
This Levana monitor comes complete with two integrated microphones; one on the transmitter and one on the receiver. As a result, parents can hear at all times any noise made by the baby but they can also communicate with him or her via a simple button press. Studies have shown that babies tend to be a lot more relaxed when they hear parents’ voice, even when they are not physically in the same room.
– Adjustable Brightness Level
One feature that many parents complain about in regard to video monitors resides in the inability to adjust screen’s brightness (which is usually set too high). However, the Lila Video Monitor enables users to adjust this level without any hassle right from the remotes menu. This brightness level should be ideally increased when the user lies in an outdoor environment (in direct sun conditions) and decreased when the user finds him/herself in a dark room.
– Compact Design
Both the camera and receiver are small and compact, thus enabling parents to easily place them where desired and even carry them along. When speaking about the remote, parents can fold the kickstand and carry the unit right in their pockets.

What Owners Like About The Product
– No Signal Interference
Owners for the most part are delighted by the fact that Lila Baby Video Monitor does not interfere with any other household products. Thanks to the ClearVu technology, the unit will not pick transmission frequencies of radio appliances, microwave units, other baby cameras. This translates into clear video and audio at all times.
– Quality Camera Lens and Receiver Screen
Levana has integrated a high-quality camera lens into this unit, despite its low retail price. As a result, customers can clearly see the live video feed of the baby in high resolution and in up to 25 frames-per-second. The screen on the receiver measures 2.4″ in size and is full-color.
– Replaceable Li-Io Battery of 3.7 V Capacity
The receiver can work wireless thanks to an integrated Li-Io battery which assures up to 6 hours of continuous video use. This battery can be recharged using the included AC adapter but it can also be easily replaced with another one when it ceases to function. In this regard, parents can make use of a dedicated battery compartment.
– High Quality Night Mode
Another feature which is appreciated by the customers is the “night mode”, which makes use of an infrared system to highlight up to 12-feet of baby’s room. This is all possible without any glowing lights, so the baby will be able to rest peacefully at night.

What Could Be Better
When reviewing the model, customers also noted few flaws which they would like to be fixed in future models. Here is what they suggest it could be better about the Lila Digital Baby Video Monitor:
– Decreased Sound Sensitivity
Some users suggest that the microphone embedded on the camera is a little too sensitive, hence decreasing battery life when the unit is placed on PEEP mode. One customer noted that the monitor would turn on even when cars were making noise outside if the windows in baby’s room were left open.
– Less Kickstand Problems
Some users noticed that the kickstand on the receiver is prone to wearing off/failing over time, and they would noted that the company should fix this in future releases. This is not a general problem, however.


Some video monitors on our list with similar features and ratings include the Infant Optics DXR5 and the Levana Jena Digital Video Baby Monitor.
If a simple and effective audio monitor is all that you really need then the Philips Avent DECT or the VTech Safe & Sound are great alternatives.

Bottom Line

All in all, the Lila Digital Baby Video Monitor represents an affordable unit which comes with a good set of features. Parents can take advantage of the “invisible” night mode as well as two-way communication, hence being able to transmit their desired messages to the baby. There is also ClearVu technology on-board for eliminating interferences caused by other devices. Owners usually score this unit with around 4 out of 5 stars.

Monitors On Our List

As you can see we have included both video and audio monitors from a wide range of manufacturers. Video baby monitor reviews outnumber audio baby monitor reviews as they tend to offer parents more convenience and flexibility and tend to be more sought after. We have searched through numerous online retailers and read through hundreds of customer reviews to try and find you the best performing units from both types of monitors. You can read our article on the various types of baby monitors available for a better understanding of what each type has to offer parents.

Which Type of Baby Monitor Is Best?

There is no correct answer for this as it will come down to a personal choice and what you hope to get out of the model you purchase. The best baby monitor is one that works great in your home in the way you need to provide maximum comfort and security for both parents and kids.  Before buying, it would be beneficial to know what are the most important factors that you are looking for, then you can narrow your choice down to a particular model.

Questions that needs to be answered before buying baby monitor :

Am I looking to keep an eye on them or will being able to hear them be enough?
What is my budget? How much do I want to spend?
Am I a heavy or light sleep and how loud do I need the machine to be?
Do I want something with a lot of bells and whistles, or will something simple do?
How far away is the baby’s room? Do I need a unit with an extended range.
How many children do I need to keep an eye or ear on?
Will this be for a newborn or for an older child?
What unit will enable me to get the most sleep and rest assured?

All these are very valid concerns and answering these may be able to help you figure out exactly which kind of baby monitor that you will need and which features will provide you the most bang for the buck.

Benefits of Having a Baby Monitor in Your Child’s Room

Being the parent of a newborn is no easy task and rest is hard to come by. Even when you put the little one down to sleep, it is often tough doze off as worry and anxiety about how they are sleeping is an issue for new parents. Having a baby monitor can help ease some of that tension. Sleep while they are sleeping and being able to view or hear them from your own bed can be an extremely convenient luxury for new moms and dads.

Video baby monitors can also save a lot of running back and forth to the little one’s room to check on them. While it is not a necessity to own a baby monitor, they are are a nice tool to have. It’s tiring enough being a parent, finding the right model for your needs can help you rest and have slightly more peace of mind that your child is safe while saving some energy.