The Best Epilator Reviews & Buying Guide for 2017

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Updated: September 4th 2016

The world is evolving with time; look at the change that has happened from prehistoric times to the modern women who crave for best epilator reviews! The Early Man and Woman used to have lots of body hair. However, with time, and the progression of centuries, hair growth began to lessen considerably. In that context, it can be suitably argued that we should strive to get rid of hair growth that we do not deemed essential. Thus, hile scalp hair is necessary, hair on the underarms, arms and legs and bikini line should be scraped off. In tune with this argument, particularly in respect with women, giant companies have come up with finished epilator products of myriad designs and functionalities. Some have diverse features; some offer similar but consistent results, but the general aim is to make a woman’s fine parts smooth and hair-free.

Men use razors to whisk off their beard and moustaches, which otherwise grow to voluminous proportions. Likewise, women should also let go off unnecessary hair growth and make sure that the amount of regrowth lessens with time. This also uplifts your confidence in a woman and gives you the flair to experiment with different clothes. You should however get well-read about the situation and take cues from best epilator reviews before resorting to a particular epilator.

Best epilator with Reviews for 2017

To suit you in your purpose to pick the best epilator, we have painstakingly chosen 3 epilators which should answer your requirements and lend you an edge. The below-discussed reviews belong to 3 distinct companies; Philips, Emjoi and Braun respectively. They each have different high points and score high on performance front. The first two are ideal for use on dry skins while Braun product gives brilliant results while working under the shower. They employ innovative technologies and root out hair to a perfection as minute as .5 millimetres. So, let’s go through 3 best epilator reviews and understand the game.

1. Philips HP6576 Satin Perfect Deluxe

Philips HP6576 Satin Perfect Deluxe

Philips has come up with this epilator after weighing the finer details of its competitors. The main grouse is the pain, hygiene factor and uneven rooting out of the hair. Philips, apparently has nailed it with the Satinelle Epilator and generator best Epilator reviews. It boasts of a cap which acts like a screen for the skin and prevents bleeding. The epilation is smooth and thorough with minimum pain involved. All you need is a dry skin area you wish to process and you are good to go. The device can easily be handled and works well on the contours, thanks mainly to its ergonomic design. It can tackle your arms and legs as well as the more delicate regions like the armpits and bikini line. The Epilator is corded and so there is no need to charge it. You can choose between two distinct speeds (gentle and efficient) depending on your requirement. Its trump card is the mathematical ease with which it caters to the delicate area. The ‘rooting off’ of the unnecessary hair is complete (it can razor off even .5 millimetre growth. The zone remains hairless for weeks. You can clean the epilated zone with water gently. In case you incur redness or lumps in the treated zone, a little salve or an antiseptic zone is all what the doctor orders. There are hypoallergenic discs in place to avert infection if you have got sensitive skin. It is available in both white and champagne.

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2. Braun SE7681 Silk-épil 7 Wet and Dry

Braun SE7681 Silk-épil 7 Wet and Dry

This product gets the best epilator reviews for wet/dry epilation. It has got 40 effective tweezers to take care of too much hair growth on unwanted terrain. Its lips raise flat and stubborn hair with immaculate ease, thus ensuring that every hair is out of scene. Its effectiveness gains credence from the fact that Braun does not leave even growths as long as .5 millimeter. It utilizes ‘micro-pulsation’ to allay the treated zone, so you do not feel much pain while you epilate. You can control its speed, with the highest speed smashing through hair with gusto in quicker time than most other epilators. You can treat the different parts of your body like face, arms, legs, underarms and bikini line. Its best part is its consistency whether you use it on dry or wet skin (directly under the shower). Braun Wet and Dry Epilator is preferable to use it under the shower (remember to unplug it). There are wipes in place to prepare the skin for epilation before-hand. Make sure you don’t use the product just after the shower when your skin tends to be damp; not wet, not dry. You can also operate it on a given battery. You get caps for facial and delicate area erosion of hair. The hair growth lessens once you have been on a area two-three times. The zone, anyway, remains hair free for 4 weeks and more. The make is extremely ergonomic for confident use. If you are a first-timer, do keep an antiseptic lotion handy, in case you incur slight redness.

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3. Emjoi AP-18 Emagine Dual Opposed 72 Tweezer Head

Emjoi AP-18 Emagine Dual Opposed 72 Tweezer Head

Emjoi is quite revolutionary and has attracted best epilator reviews on a song. It is studded with a number of innovations, all working towards functional and effective epilation. Its efficacy comes from its 72 tweezer heads, which may cause a bit of pain but works out on a generous hairy area. You can use it on arms, legs, bikini line, underarms and even your face. There are 2 control speeds for modulated use. It is a gift for hygiene, thanks to a pioneering Silver Ion Technology, which bestows anti-microbial benefits. Emjoi 72 Tweezer Head Epilator has staggered heads which help operate on a greater cross-section without missing an inch. Just to ensure that nothing is missed, the product also commands middle fingers which lift off stubborn little hair and grass them off. Thus, you are saved from the despair of ingrown hair. Emjoi can process out even growths as small as .5 millimeter. The skating gliding technology secures your skin and you get a feeling just where you are going wrong. You remain hair free for 6 weeks and more with the use of this corded product. It should be worked on dry skin. You won’t find it slipping from hand, because of its ergonomic make and it is flexible enough to work on the twists and turns of the human body. There is the element of pain involved, but you get accustomed to it, as it tends to lessen with use.

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Types of epilators

In today’s time, epilation of unwanted hair has become quite necessary, as women have started becoming more fashion-conscious. Depending on your requirements, the status of hair growth and the frequency with which you use epilators, you should take your pick.

1. Choosing wet or dry epilator

There are certain epilators which work only on dry skin and can cause hazards if you endeavour to use them under the shower. Then there are those which give good result when the skin is wet. Logically, those people who do not like the pain element too much while epilating should make use of wet epilators. The pain is decidedly less under the shower, but the efficacy takes a beating. You can still take a try on your arms and legs. This is because hair tends to stick together and separating it becomes a problem. On the other hand, dry skin is ideal for ‘rooting off’ ceremony in the delicate areas and your face.

2. Opting between corded and cordless varieties

The corded epilators have an added advantage that they do not require charging. They should however be used on dry skin and not while the shower is on. The cordless, meanwhile, can both be used on dry and wet screen and its effectiveness depends on the battery power. In any case, you should always get hold of ergonomic epilators, so that your hand doesn’t waver from the designated area while you epilate.

3. Hygienic epilators

If you have allergic or sensitive skin, you should only use epilators which are hypoallergenic. Otherwise, with every epilation of hair, you may encounter blisters or lumps. Certain epilators offer anti-microbial protection. Moreover, there are a few epilators with conscientious caps to screen your skin while you take care of areas such as bikini line or underarms.

4. Tweezers or not

If you do not have excessive growth or just feel the need to epilate your upper lip or chin, you may not require tweezers. However, if you want to condition and treat arms and legs (both with a larger spread of hair), you should ideally use epilator with a number of tweezer heads. These help in mapping out larger cross sections and do it fast enough. Yes, tweezers cause pain and thus if you are too sensitive to pain, avoid epilators with tweezers.

How to choose the best epilator

There are many who keep sticking to a particular epilator, entranced by its reputation. They find it hard to change eve if they do not satisfactory results (there is a mental block somewhere). It is almost like a particular racket used by tennis players, which they find hard to get off. In the main, you have to consider the following points before taking your pick from a string of epilators.

1. Avoid absurd claims

Firstly, stay away from fanciful claims made by epilator companies. They may suggest you will not have regrowth for a year; or you won’t encounter any pain and loads of other claims. It is better to take advice from old time users or the fashion-centric woman in your circle. Remember that you pick the trend only with experience, something which she has more.

2. Check out your requirement  

In case, you have completely flawless legs and arms but have problems with delicate areas, you should avoid epilators with tweezers. There are typical kinds of epilators for facial epilation. If your skin is sensitive or you cannot bear too much pain, you should choose accordingly, after checking out helpful reviews (For instance, Braun is less painful than Phillips; the two products reviewed above). If there is a larger cross-section to take care of, use dry epilators. Use wet epilators only when you have gained some experience, else it may be hazardous. Epilators should also come with protective caps and screen attachments.

If you want simultaneous soothing and epilation, you may pick up an epilator which massages. Overall, the product should be ergonomic in design and should ensure hair free status for 5 weeks or more in the treated zone.

3. A few considerations

If you are a first-timer to the world of epilation, you should be aware of the zones which incur bumps, swelling or redness. Remember to go easy o these areas while epilating again. Again, this is not a ‘blink-and-you-miss’ act, it requires patience and you may suffer if you try to cut it through fast. Keep antiseptic lotion and essential oils handy to use on the surface after epilation. Use an effective, even if expensive, shower gel which conditions your skin; before you undergo epilation. Wash and exfoliate the ‘to-be-treated zones thoroughly. Do not make a metal note (that a particular epilator causes too much pain) just after one use. You may have done it wrongly and, in any case, the pain teds to subside when you get accustomed to the product. Always use products from reputed brands. Try purchasing products which are not too noisy, for they may affect your concentration. It is better to let other epilate your delicate zones (the underarms or bikini line). You may leave a few strands in the urge to finish it off early. Make a note of time when the regrowth is back. Ideally, it should take 6 weeks or more. Ask friends and fashionable women for epilation advises, regarding gels, lotions and the epilating method.

Advantages of Using an Epilator

Long lasting results

Over the years, epilators have significantly replaced the traditional forms of hair removal, waxing and tweezing. The reason is simple… the machine uproots the hair effectively from its roots, thus rendering results that last longer than shaving and waxing. Typically, it takes more than two weeks for the new hair follicles to show on the skin.

Moreover, this machine is adept at removing shorter and newer hair, which cannot be otherwise removed using any of the traditional methods. And that’s not all… continued usage of the machine for over a period of a year, leads the hair follicle to die naturally, which results into no hair growth at all.

Easy to use

Unlike waxing, threading and shaving… epilators save you from the headache of handling messy wax, threads and razors. The best part is that cordless epilators can be used in showers, so you practically need nothing more than the mere machine to achieve a smooth skin. That means no more extra cost for expensive moisturizers, wax and threads.

What’s more… you can carry them with you and tweeze out even the minutest of the hair that is showing out of your skirt, even minutes before your meeting. The whole process takes you minutes and can be done while you’re on the go in a metro, taxi or bus.

Reduced hair re-growth

Experts have proven that the regular users of the machine experience slight hair regrowth, especially after its third or fourth usage. The science behind this observation is that a hair root is able to develop hair follicles only a certain number of times. Therefore, prolonged usage of the epilator for over years, curbs the future growth and makes the hair-growth almost semi-permanent.

On the other hand, many users experience that after some time, the thickness of the new hair reduces considerably, so much so that it almost becomes invisible to the distant lookers. No wonder, the machine has significantly taken over the much popular method of waxing out the hair, performed at salons.


There are women who feel quite relaxed with the hair they flaunt on the arms and underarms. However, if you are not one of them and sport excessive hair growth on unwanted hair growth, it is high time you picked a quality epilator. Assess your requirements, compare quotes, check out best epilator reviews and zing it.